Doug Parkinson Sings Christie Allen

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Doug Parkinson Sings Christie Allen
Song by TISM
Released 1983
Recorded 1983
Genre Rock
Length 2:58

Doug Parkinson Sings Christie Allen is a song by TISM that appears on the 1983 album Form and Meaning reach Ultimate Communion, then appearing on Great Truckin' Songs of the Renaissance in 1988 as a snippet introduced by an excerpt from a radio program in which TISM were guests, then appearing on This Is Serious Mum: A Collection of Bedroom Recordings 1982-1992 in 2002.


RON HITLER BARASSI: Ron Hitler-Barassi interviewing Chris from the Breakfasters. Chris, what do you think about that?

CHRIS: Uhh...tricky fly, licky tie, bingo bingo rumna bingtosis.

Mmmm... watch out!

Nature is the first cause and the fundamental creative principle in all activities, oh yeah, but the function of a system is to provide the degree and the right moment for each and to lay down the clearest principles for use and practice.

Yeah, owow...mmm
Mmmm... yeah

But furthermore, sublime impulses are expressed to greater danger when they are left to themselves without the ballast and the stability of knowledge.

Umm..yep out!

I'll tell you what they need, they need the curb as often as the spur. They certainly do...ain't that the case? Ha! Well-