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Studio album by Jock Cheese
Released 2002
Genre Rock
Length 69:31
Label Shock

Platter is a solo album by Jock Cheese, released in 2002 on Shock Records. It was released when the main TISM collective were signed to FMR. According to Jock Cheese, it was created as an experiment.


No. Title Length
1. "Up There Calisi"   4:03
2. "Don't Burn 'Em All J.D."   4:51
3. "La Traviata"   3:27
4. "Totally Addicted to Skase"   3:37
5. "I Done It with the Drama Teacher"   3:30
6. "Dave Graney's Country Idyll"   3:41
7. ""Why Don't You Get A Bigger Set Of Tits?""   4:32
8. "Friday Night Shakespeare"   4:49
9. "Unfair"   3:10
10. "O Great Rabbit in the Sky"   3:32
11. "Piss in My Pocket"   2:43
12. "You Guarantee Fame with Two First Names" (The song is 4:04. The remaining 1:30 is silence.) 5:35
13. "Just The Straight Dope" (Instrumental) (Don't Burn 'Em All J.D.) 3:43
14. "Just The Straight Dope" (Instrumental) (Dave Graney's Country Idyll) 3:23
15. "Just The Straight Dope" (Instrumental) (Piss in My Pocket) 2:38
16. "Just The Straight Dope" (Instrumental) (Totally Addicted to Skase) 3:00
17. "Just The Straight Dope" (Instrumental) (La Traviata) 3:12
18. "Just The Straight Dope" (Instrumental) (Unfair) 2:54
19. "Just The Straight Dope" (Instrumental) (You Guarantee Fame with Two First Names) 3:10