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Root! was an Australian rock group from Melbourne formed in 2007. They disbanded in late 2010


Some time in 2004-05, Root! began as a series of demos written solely by lead singer DC Root. In late 2006, guitarist Henri Root was hired as a tradesperson to build a set of shelves for DC. "Henri came 'round to my house to build me some shelves and I discovered that he was a jazz trained musician".[1]

To flesh out the group, Henri called upon Steve Paix. Working at the time as a television theme composer, Steve agreed to adopt the collective surname and contribute honky-tonk piano and organ bass to the tracks. In turn, Steve "Root" selected Barnaby Gold for drums.

Their first concert as a group was made at the closing party of Melbourne’s Spanish Club on June 17, 2007. Although barely announced, word that an alleged member of TISM was unveiling a new project led to a large, expectant crowd assembling. From there, word of mouth spread, leading to heavy traffic on the band's nascent MySpace page, the creation of a fan website entitled The ROOT! Compendium, and growing demand for an album.[2]

Root! appeared at a handful of other performances over the next few months, whilst re-recording tracks for their debut album, Root Supposed He Was Out Of The Question. In 2008, the band played live with additional musicians Joe Talia (aka Joe Root, pedal steel and banjo) and Douglas Lee Robertson (aka Doug Lee Root, bass).[3][4]

The album, Root Supposed... was released in December, 2007 and featured no singles. During 2008 tours, new material was played including "Get Up Yourself" which became the first single from the follow-up album Surface Paradise (formerly Root Is The Money Of All Evil)[5]

In 2009, drummer Barnaby Root left the band and was replaced with Smiley Root on drums. After playing several gigs and appearing in the video for "My Other Bumper Sticker is Intelligent," he left the band to be replaced by Owen Root. Around this time, the album Surface Paradise was released.

After a handful of gigs in mid-2010, Root! announced they would be playing their "Last Ever Show" on August 20, 2010. Although the press release concluded with "... is there a new project on the way? All will be revealed soon. Stay tuned."[6][7]


  • DC Root (aka Damien Cowell[8][9]) – vocals, samples
  • Henri Root (aka Henri Grawe[10]) – guitar, vocals
  • Doug Lee Root (aka Douglass Lee Robertson[3][4]) - Bass, vocals
  • Steve Root (aka Steve Paix[11]) – keyboards, vocals
  • Owen Root (aka Owen Smythe[12]) - drums - Former drummer for Grin Dogs and Splurge.
Former Members
  • Barnaby Root (aka Barnaby Gold[13]) – drums, vocals
  • Joe Root (played live only) - slide guitar, banjo
  • Smiley Root (former drummer for Ice Cream Hands)




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