The Get Fucked Concert

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One of the invitations for the Get Fucked Concert

The Get Fucked Concert was TISM's first concert. It took place at the Duncan McKinnon Athletics Reserve on the 6th of December 1983. After the gig, TISM returned to their private home tapes and played a couple of private gigs at Melbourne University the following year.

Low quality footage of the band performing "The Art-Income Dialectic" was on an old version of the TISM website, but the footage was released on the White Albun DVD in 2004 in high quality. It is depicted in TISM Comic 1, but TISM wear their black balaclavas instead of the KKK uniforms.

The version of Kill Americans on the Collected Recordings box is taken from the Get Fucked Concert. Ron Hitler-Barassi begins to read but is cut off when someone pulls out the PA and Ron shouts "You fascist!".

The Offficial TISM Fan Barbecue takes place at the Duncan McKinnon Athletics Reserve every December to mark the anniversary of the Get Fucked Concert.

Setlist (incomplete)[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "The Art-Income Dialectic"   1:25
2. "Kill Americans"   0:24