The Uriah Heep Guide to Little Æsthetics

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The TISM Guide to Little Æsthetics  
Tgtla front.JPG
Author TISM
Compiled by The Most Beautiful Economist in the World
Country Australia
Language English
Publisher Stock, Aristotle & Waterman
Publication date 1990
Pages 244
ISBN 0-7316-8582-2

The TISM Guide To Little Aesthetics (the title appears to be a pun on "Little Athletics", a school children's athletic competition in some Australian states) was a book released in 1990 by TISM. It featured lyrics and interview transcriptions and other diatribes and essays written by the band.

Before the release of the book, TISM received legal threats about the content of the book. As a result, copies of the already printed book had to be hand-censored with texta pens and whiteout. It is not known how many were finally released, but those that did were not on shelves for long. It has become highly sought after by fans. Its ISBN is 0731685822. They were sold at TISM gigs in the early 1990s.

The music video for Let's Form a Company has lots of excerpts from the guide.


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