This Is Serious Mum (album)

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This Is Serious Mum
Demo album by TISM
Released Late 1985
Recorded 1985
Genre Alternative rock
Length 33:07
17:13 (side A)
15:53 (side B)
Producer TISM
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This Is Serious Mum
Form and Meaning reach Ultimate Communion

This Is Serious Mum is a demo tape by TISM and TISM's first public release. Liner notes to the Collected Recordings box set state only 80 original copies exist. 30 were given to the media, while the remaining 50 were sold to the public.

The MP3s of the tape which circulate are taken from a copy of the tape made by Richard Miles.

In 2009, a TISM fan new to the band found one of the 80 originals in an Au-Go-Go cabinet for $20. He put it on eBay, but it was won by a fake bidder (his friend). The version of The Back Upon Which Jezza Jumped was released on the Great Truckin' Songs of the Renaissance iTunes release, however a fan-made rip was used.

The cover was done by a woman named Hariklia, the writer of the What She Said blog. According to this blog entry, she took a photo of a shopping bag. Humphrey B Flaubert then added a pair of eyes to it.

In 2011, TISM fan fLeuR uploaded the entire demo tape, from which the track times on this article are derived. In November 2012, Hariklia placed her copy of the tape on eBay, which was sold for $560.05.


Tracks 1-5 are on Side A. Tracks 6-10 are on side B.

No. Title Length
1. "The Art/Income Dialectic"   1:22
2. "Eckermann is Very Silly"   2:52
3. "The Back Upon Which Jezza Jumped"   4:17
4. "Defecate on My Face"   4:39
5. "Lyric for Jack"   4:02
6. "I Go to Werribee"   2:47
7. "Crime Against the Spirit Oo Poo Pee Doo"   3:53
8. "Pus of the Dead"   3:34
9. "Clarse Distinction"   2:11
10. "The Reserection"   3:27


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